10 Vintage News Paper Advertisements that show the Evolution of this Industry

Present world is in the hands of advertisement and marketing. Every product we buy will have a back end process to get it to our notice, even product with better quality needs an advertisement to make its presence in the current internet world. This is also applicable for some brands who advertised even in 17th century to make them popular in upcoming century to show up them self as a brand. These are the advertisements which become a benchmark for all upcoming and present brands to show their presence in a creative way to deal with their competitors.

1.Communication was on the ‘dot’

browne cookies

2.Are they advertising auto car or coca cola?

coca cola

3.Is surf excel available in vegetable market?

surf excel

4.This car, never did require extensive advertising


5.Precisely, these were the memes of that age


6.How does this picture even make sense?

air india

7.When there was no tinder..

how to pick up girls

8.Admit it, we all tried those pencils as stumps

nataraj pencil

9.This is one ads which is even up to today’s trend

mahindra classic

10.Some how we don’t understand what this ads is all about or may be first ads in color?