15 Greatest Brand Wars in the recent past.

Even brands got into cold war to compete with there competitors to come up with last man stand title. But a little change here is the war field was replaced by social media and news papers. This are some greatest brand wars in the recent past.


1.What made get Fed Up DHL with?

dhl war

2.If both were kept in a transparent container, even the brands can’t able to predict them!

coke vs pepsi

3.Indigo shows the symbolic representation about 9000cr.

king fisher

4.Both delays in landing and takeoff.

flight delay

5.Number of rounds make the difference between them.

number of rounds

6.Whether TRESemme is marketing for Loreal.


7.But amount of foam delivered is same in case of both brands.


8.Battle of heavy weights. Bang on!

The Hindu

9.Like a boss


10.Are they selling days or products?

Online shopping

11.Even Oreo needs some Kit Kat to have a break.


12.Only clowns can make a king to laugh.


13.It took such a long time for Times Of India to find the number of Charminar.

Times of india

14.Fake it till you make it.


15.And one more: