Emerging Web Design Trends To Look For In 2021

In the 30 years since the first ever website went live, countless web design elements and features have born, lived, and died. Some even came back and then died again. Some stayed immortal. Some are being born every single day, and the upcoming year is no different. And so, we’ve compiled a short list of some of the wonderfully pleasant and interesting trends that we think are going to take center stage in 2021. When you’re hiring a design company to design your website, make sure you get them to incorporate all/some of these techniques.

  1. Dark mode
  2. Minimalistic Design
  3. Personalized Content
  4. Chatbots and Voice-bots
  5. Micro Animations
  6. Imperfections
  7. Bold Fonts and Colours

Dark Mode

Apple and Google implemented dark mode this year, and it seems like everyone else is going to pick up on that over the next year. It turns out, users aren’t put off by it, as once thought.

  • Looks modern and niche.
  • Reduces eye-strain and battery usage.



Minimalistic Design

This principle keeps going in and out of trend and it’s on the rise again now. Although, this design doesn’t work for all kinds of website, it’s still an idea of keep in mind. Audience are tired of TMI. Keep in mind. It’s a fine line between simple and boring. Makes sure your designers know it.

  • Fast loading sizes and better compatibility across platforms.
  • Makes UX better.


Personalized Content

You have a good UX with a website, and then you back the second time, and now the content is more algorithmically personalized based on your previous visit, making your UX much better.

  • Customized content increases conversion.
  • A must have tech for e-commerce websites.


Chatbots and Voice-bots

With users getting accustomed to virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa, they also positively respond to chatbots and voice-bots on websites.

  • Creates a better UX by giving a personal and niche experience.
  • Cuts costs of managing live customer service operators.



Micro Animations

Using small animations as opposed to explosive animations is not only easy and cheap, but also makes the user feel grounded when they visit your website.

  • Helps the user navigate across the site.
  • Makes the site more realistic and in some cases, playful even.

ezgif.com-gif-maker (2)



Users definitely react positively to imperfections in visuals and texts, that clearly tells you it’s intentional and appears unique at the same time.

  • Gives a human touch to the website.
  • An easy tactic to grip the attention of users.


Fonts and Colours

It’s not really a new trend, but it’s definitely something to be looked at. Unusual colours combinations  and oversized type and elements gives you the impression of a futuristic design.

  • Right use of bold contrasts and font sizes easily makes your websites stick out.
  • Specific colours invoke specific feelings