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If you are looking for SEO services in Chennai, Alter Ego Communications is the company that will take you to the top of the success that your business is searching for. We are a team of exceptional SEO experts who can identify the errors in your business and work up to accomplishing your business targets.

Search engines are the most common tools which consumers use to find all kinds of information. Your visibility is associated with your ranking. It is essential that you are ranked higher on your relevant search engine result pages (SERPs) in order to get more potential leads to find you and enter your website.

Before starting SEO, Alter Ego does an in-depth dive into understanding your niche, learning the demographics of your target groups, studying the history of your website, study and compare your records with your competitors’ records to derive, analyze and predict data, and set goal tracking for your website depending on your targets and requirements.

SEO Specialists in Chennai Offering
Full-fledged SEO Services

As a leading Digital marketing company in Chennai, Alter Ego Communications aims at giving your business optimum results commercially. We use superior SEO content marketing strategies to enhance your online presence.

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On Page SEO

Our team specializes in taking steps to optimize the components within the website while strictly adhering to White Hat SEO techniques. This includes the optimization of title tags, meta description, content, internal linking and more, to show the relevancy of the content with the search intent, to the Search engine.

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Off Page SEO

Alter Ego leverages Off Page SEO techniques to make your website authoritative. We drive more traffic to your website through backlinks from other websites and platforms like blog posts, social media posts, link baiting, video submission, social bookmarking and the like.

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Technical SEO

We keep a check on the performance of your website through Technical SEO. We do this by optimizing your website and servers to help the search engines crawl, index and rank your pages, in order to ensure that your website does its job.

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SEO Content Writing

Alter Ego uses content optimized for Search Engines, using the keywords, tags, and key phrases within the web content. This helps your website in improving its visibility on Search Engine Result Pages.

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SEO Audit

The first step of our SEO services is our first-rate audit of your current SEO performance and reports. We start by doing a SWOT analysis, scrutinizing your website’s current performance and studying your competitors and your market, in order to understand the kind of changes that need to be done to improve your visibility and performance.

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Youtube SEO

Merely posting videos on Youtube and hoping to get the reach you imagine is pointless. Alter Ego understands Youtube’s algorithm and strategizes the consistency and quality of your channel content through regular shorts, content syndication by analyzing the content outreach result, and analyzing the reports to make necessary and timely changes.

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Keyword research

We do intensive keyword research in order to get insights on the exact search terms that your audience are searching for in search engines, in relation to your business. We find out the competition keywords and money keywords for your business, which will help us form a content strategy, in turn helping you build a broader marketing plan.

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Competitor Analysis

While auditing your current SEO and marketing reports and performance, Alter Ego also studies your competitors along with your prospects. This gives us the wholesome picture of Do’s and Do-not’s and also helps us stay ahead of them in various aspects, and project your Unique Selling Proposition without wasting much time in experimenting.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

Alter Ego, along with improving your visibility and increasing traffic to the desired pages of your website and other platforms, also takes necessary measures to make the traffic take action. We come up with ideas to make the elements on your website attract the audience into performing a desired action.

How we strategize Our Services

Local SEO

If your business is set up in a physical location and caters to a particular region, Local SEO will be useful to make your business organically more visible on search engine result pages.

  • Mobile friendly or responsive website
  • Local keywords in web content
  • Claimed + Optimized Google Business Profile
  • Consistent local listings
  • Good Local Backlinks
Local SEO
E-Commerce SEO

E-Commerce SEO

If you have an online store, e-Commerce SEO will help you to drive more traffic to your website by getting higher rankings on search engine result pages. This is done by writing long and precise product descriptions with accurate and relevant keywords in order to optimize your pages.

  • Identification of the web browser used by target audience
  • Market research and analysis of target audience demographics
  • Indexing number of keywords in search engines (other than Google)
  • Premium link building
  • Heat map tracking

International SEO

Google is not only the search engine to consider in international SEO, but it also controls the bulk of search market shares in various countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Australia, and Europe. Understanding all of this, we keep all of the aspects in mind and strive hard to achieve the greatest results with our concentrated efforts. With our team of international SEO professionals, we can work to show the value and relevance of your website more when compared to your competitors.

  • User-friendly Product listing
  • Understanding competitors’ marketing tactics
  • Internal link architecture
  • Giving enticing titles and descriptions for products
  • Optimization of out-of-stock products
International SEO

Our SEO Process Flow Chart

Our SEO Process Flow Chart

Why Choose Alter Ego Communications
for SEO Services in Chennai

SEO is the most important source to attract more visitors to your website and boost your traffic. Alter Ego has understood the formula for your Website’s success. We use the right combinations of SEO services relevant to your business according to your targets and requirements.

Traffic + Conversion = Profits

We understand your business goals and Key Performance Indicators, research your competition and audience, identify challenges, strategise and execute SEO plans, review the performance once changes have been made, and refine to better the reports, and increase your Returns on Investments with optimum results.

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Alter Ego’s combination of services and strategies to bring you many steps closer to success is only one click away. You can count on our team of experts to provide you with the most effective digital marketing services in Chennai.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Despite the size of the business, SEO helps you present yourself as a an expert and trustworthy authority in your field. This will help you build brand awareness faster than otherwise and bring maximum customers to your website through organic search.

SEO techniques popularly known to drive more traffic are

  • Proper User Interface
  • Featured snippets
  • Targetting the right Keywords
  • Guest blogging

Higher Visibility = More traffic

More traffic + Quality content = High conversion rate And SEO is the trick to drive more traffic to your website that has the potential to get converted into customers.

SEO is necessary for any business with an online presence for important reasons like building credibility and trust, and to appear like an authority in their respective fields. These qualities have the potential to drive the audience that will get converted into your customers in the long run.

SEO is a process that requires intelligence. Yes, it can be partially automated, but it will need human interference as well. SEO automation tools can be used to accomplish repetitive tasks quickly, and maximize productivity. But you cannot automate the entire process to run without manual inputs at all.

Yes, SEO can be done without a website. Businesses can use google listing, social meedia platforms, guest blogging and other online platforms to do SEO. But it will not be as effective or yielding as having a website which users can come to, to understand everything about your business in one place.