Best Video Advertisements of 2020 – A List

Let’s face it. 2020 sucks. And it’s probably not going to get better in the next three months either. We are all barely hanging by, desperately in need of something good. Something fun. Something thought provoking. Something optimistic. Anything really.

So, we collected an assorted list of light-hearted, interesting, and funny video advertisements from this year, from across the globe. Hope this puts a little smile in your face.

Hamam –  Stay Safe Stay Inside

A prime example on how to do sensible marketing during global disasters.

iPhone – Privacy. That’s iPhone. – Over Sharing

If you reverse engineer this a bit, you’ll realize how the entire idea of the marketing project is driven by the simple tagline. That’s the power of an effective tagline. It writes the story by itself.

Porsche –  The Heist

Look at the mere production value of this ad. It looks better than those Fast and Furious movies.

Dream11 – IPL2020

What if our national cricket players play by street cricket rules? That simple idea originated a series of extremely funny ads, that also humanises our heroes.

Oppo Reno4 Pro – #BeTheInfinite feat. Dhoni

3 minute short film, nothing too complicated, nothing too new, nothing too creative, and yet it hits all the right emotional spots and makes it memorable.

Cherry Vanilla Coke – Focus group

A meta-ad pokes fun at the crazy process of focus groups. Making all the people a combination of two things, just like coke itself, is creativity at its peak.