6 Tips To Create Consistent Content For Social Media

If “Content is King”, then, “Consistent Content is King Kong.”

It’s no longer enough to have good pieces of content. You need consistency. Even if it’s not perfect, you still need to share regular content and keep up the appearances, and maintain a presence. So, today, that’s what we’re going to help you out with. A few simple tips on how to post regular content, and how it can be made easy.

#1 Plan in advance

This is an obvious point. Consistency can only be achieved with a schedule, and the best practice solution is to create that schedule well in advance. For monthly calendars, finalizing the calendar by the 20th of the previous month would give you flexibility to make any last minute changes. There are lots of free online tools and software to make effective calendars.

#2 Create a template

Typical formats for blog posts on different categories, similar design and photoshop principles for Instagram images, and repetitive video editing processes for Instagram videos. Take all the working models, create a template, share it to others, and make everyone’s jobs easier.

#3 Brainstorm for content ideas as a group

For small businesses, you might be the only digital marketer or the content writer, and so, you might feel like it’s your responsibility to do everything. That is far from the truth. Take help in every which way possible. The least that they could say is no. It doesn’t even have to be colleagues. Ask your friends and family for content ideas and creation.

#4 Set realistic goals

The one things that derails any content calendar strategy is unrealistic goals. They set you up failure right at the foundation. Remember, content creation is a massive effort. When setting goals and clearing calendars, take into account, the time for the back and forth emails and conference calls, for all the revisions, suggestions and comments.

#5 Keep accountability

When deadlines are missed or when one person is frequently being a bottle-neck, make sure to hold them accountable in whatever way feels appropriate.

#6 Your internal promotion is just as important as your client work

When you’re creating the calendar, make sure to leave tolerances for unforeseen interruptions from client works. Have at least one person relatively freer at all times, so that you can delegate tasks when such internal-external clashes occurs.