Should You Outsource Your Social Media Marketing Campaign?

Social Media is the path to divinity if you want to build your company’s brand, create a authority, connect with your existing customers, and find new ones. Just like how difficult it is to find divinity and peace, it’s hard to create and manage a successful social media presence. It takes a lot of effort. So, what should you do? Should you do it by yourself or outsource it to a consultancy or an agency? Well…

What happens if you do it yourself?

  • It’s great. Nobody knows your company better than you do. You have a vision for your brand identity and you know what kind of marketing is good and bad. So, that’s a plus.
  • But if you don’t commit to it 100%, if you start making excuses like, “I didn’t have enough time,” or “I was busy with an unavoidable client work,” soon, you’ll be looking at a ghost town Instagram profile, with all your followers forgetting you ever existed.
  • You might be inclined to post about your products, trying to push sales. While the ultimate goal is to get more sales, you can’t approach social media marketing that way. There are more nuances to it, which you might not know. That might be a problem.
  • Your team probably already has their hands full with day-to-day tasks. You’d have to overload them. That might lead to productivity hits and morale issues.
  • You could hire an in-house team. A small, three-person, full-time, social media team. Great idea. In fact, the best idea. But can a small business like yours afford it? You might have to look at your financial records before you do that.

What happens if you hire an agency?


External Marketing Teams are unquestionably more skilled and experienced than you are. They understand the digital landscape much better than you ever could. They know what works and what doesn’t.


If you hire an in-house team, they work during office hours. But external teams go beyond that. They work on off-office hours, they work on weekends, they work on holidays. More than all that, they work when people actually are online, which is often not during office hours.


You might be wasting time on a poster design for hours that the external team could complete in mere minutes. They have the tools and resources to write and manage content effectively, and design and publish content easily.

3rd person perspective

As much research as they do about your industry, external teams are still outsiders, and that’s a great advantage. They have a bird-eye view to your business, which you don’t. They can understand the customer perspective from an objective standpoint.

Unclear vision

There’s a risk with trust. If you don’t find the right agency that can clearly understand your goals and needs, you might end up with a brand identity that you don’t recognize, and that‘s scary. It’s sort of a leap of faith.


If you can afford to hire and manage an in-house team, then rightfully do so. That is probably the best way to go. If you can’t, then, you can’t really go wrong with outsourcing your campaigns, as long as you choose someone reputed, trustworthy, and sharp.