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How our Web Design company enhances your Business

Once you have succeeded in driving quality traffic to your website, the next step is to be prepared to retain your visitors and convert them into customers. This is when Alter Ego comes to the picture with our web design and development expertise. A good web design is important to define your visitors’ perception of your brand, build credibility and trust among them, present consistency, and help your prospects and customers understand your products and/or services with ease. On top of this, it also supports your SEO strategy.

Why Alter Ego is the best in Web Designing

Working with the top brands in India for 20+ years has provided us with valuable domain insights and experience in Web Design and Development Services. We became one of the top web design companies in Chennai, thanks to our extensive domain expertise and rich legacy in the Web Design domain.

Our primary service offerings in the web design industry include Static and Dynamic Web Design Layouts. With a robust web design team we continuously forecast market trends to offer you futuristic web design solutions and services that bring significant real time results in your business growth

How our expertise helps you to excel

We strongly believe that User experience is everything for a digital user. Be it a small, budding firm or a global business giant, website traffic is the deciding factor for the business conversions. We create a web design that functions everywhere using a highly engaging user interface, a responsive layout, and dynamic design.

From Conceptualization to Presentation - Our Process

device freindly

Device-friendly Design

In an age of ever-expanding digital devices, it is critical to plan a design that is adaptable in order to capture and increase the attention of online users. Our device-friendly customized web design layout enables you to compete and reach the apex in the digital space.

Innovative and Interactive User-interface

Innovative and Interactive User-interface

The ultimate key to successful website traffic is user experience. Almost 88% of users choose to leave a website if their UI experience is poor. Our web-design company ensures that you stay afloat in the ever increasing competition wave in digital space.


Crafting customized web-styles for effective conversions

A web design is not only a service for any company, but it is also an effective solution to its business problems. Our digital experts will create customized web designs for you, which will improve the visibility of your website even further.

Services that Alter-Ego Offers

Our core strengths in web-domain is our versatility in services that includes

Website Design / Website Redesign services

One key driver of organic website traffic is a fluid and adaptable web design. Usability, Fresh-layout and interactive interface are few essential factors of a perfect web design.

web design

Website Development Services

Making a website is similar to making a ship. Like how a ship safely carries all its crew in a rising sea wave a well developed website will help you to carry your business goals to reach the top of the business pyramid.

web design

Static web design

If you want your website to just be a place to simply display information about you, without regular changes and updates, a Static web design is what your website needs. It is the easiest kind of web design and will be effective for small businesses who want to expand their brand online.

Static web design

CMS Website Development

Content Management System which is an all in one place application has significant features like multiple accesses and collaboration enables a seamless experience in website development.

CMS Website Development

E-commerce Web Design

Everything is digital in today’s world. Digital shopping is becoming the norm rather than the trend. To be visible and functional in ever expanding digital space, effective web design for E-commerce services is becoming an essential factor. Usability, Visibility and Support are three magical pillars of any successful e- commerce website.

E-commerce Web Design

Our Step-by-Step Approach

Learn and research

  • Understanding your niche
  • Competitor research
  • Market analysis
  • Improve user experience
  • Increase your CTR
Learn and research
SEO research and copy

SEO research and copy

  • In depth market analysis
  • Brainstorming sessions with
  • copy writing team
  • Building Content marketing strategy
  • Creating clear cut design for Website

Website development

  • Design and Coding
  • Comprehensive testing
  • Checking every page for AMP
Website development
Website Mockup Design

Website Mockup Design

  • Designing samples for your reference
  • Finalizing one design
  • Deciding colour palette and design template


  • Check the website for quality
  • Test run
  • Go Live

How Alter-Ego is altering the Digital
Business landscape positively

Dedicated Tech-loving Team

Dedicated Tech-loving Team

We at Alter Ego strive for your organization goal and ensure that you reach the top of the business domain soon with the help of a highly motivated and dedicated back-end designing team..


Professional & Productive workforce

With a data-driven workflow mechanism, we use trending digital analytics and tools to understand the market realities to provide tailored solutions.

client relationship

Excellence in Client Relationship

The eternal philosophy of Alter-Ego is to design business dreams and deliver hope. We are happy to have collaborated with some of India's most well-known brands, thanks to our dependability and credibility in the domain.

budget friendly

Best ROI with our Budget-friendly model

As a custom web design company, we aim to provide personalized solutions for your business. Cost efficient and Customized web styles are our dual strengths in web design.

Improve your presence, Impress visitors, Increase conversions

Once a lead enters your website, a good design always translates into better conversion rates, and is more yielding in the long run. This in turn will help you improve your business and get better revenues for your company.

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