How To Guide: Word-Of-Mouth(WOM) Marketing

At the core of any word-of-mouth marketing campaign is a satisfied customer. So, unlike other marketing methods, the primary goal here is not to find new customers, but to keep the existing ones happy. Because when they’re satisfied, it’s easy to influence them to advertise on your behalf.

Here are some ways you can go about doing that.

Give Them Something To Talk About

Quality product. When it’s worthy, unique and solves a specific problem better than your competitors do, like iPhones and its seamless integration into the Apple ecosystem, customers are more likely to brag about it to their social circle.

Provide Better Customer Experience and Support

Speaking of iPhones, their customers take brand loyalty to a whole new level, and it’s because, it’s a two-way relationship. Apple equally cares about them as well. They cater primarily to existing customers. When you can give them to your customers, they will never go away, and they will never stop to try bringing in more people.

Get Reviews and Ratings and Share Them

It sometimes feels tacky to ask for reviews, but nothing convinces a customer more than another customer. Amazon sellers’ success solely depend on customer reviews, and yours can too, if you make it easy for them write reviews and rate your services.

Use User-Generated Content

Make users part of your brand. Start hashtags or any similar events, and make your customers promote your brand, in the name of fun. These kinds of user generated contents tend to reach new customers much easily than your traditional marketing campaigns.

Engage In The Conversation

While UGC brings the customers into your brand, participating in ongoing conversations brings you into the customer. Whether it’s political conversations or social causes, customers will actively promote your brand when they know you care about the world.

Join Hands With Other Industry Leaders

Everybody loves a crossover. When Burger King and McDonalds joined hands to raise awareness for Children with Cancer, people loved it. People who didn’t even care for fast foods were sharing memes and posts about it. That’s how effective such partnerships can be.


Word-of-mouth marketing when done right, can be extremely effective. But it’s not that easy, and it definitely doesn’t happen overnight. But as a business owner, organic marketing is one place where you should always be open to put your efforts and investments in.