SEO Still Works & How!

Well, we are back yet again with a very exciting topic this time. Yes as the header suggests it’s all about search engine optimization or SEO as it is popularly known as the digital world over. A lot of fine print has been spent on the benefits businesses can reap by deploying SEO optimized web infrastructure that assures great results in organic searches. The advantages of SEO have been too densely documented to deny its effectiveness. Yet there’s been an ongoing talk in the enterprise segment about the gradual demise of SEO as a potent marketing tool. But the fact is, SEO has always been there and still continues to hold sway showing no signs of fading away any time soon. Through this blog we try and deliberate about SEO’s effectiveness in the current enterprise scenario and why it holds such good potential for marketers.

Before we proceed further may we remind you that we are Alter Ego Communications, a Chennai based digital marketing agency specializing in rendering comprehensive brand building solutions. Our range of services includes SMM, SEO, Web-based marketing and continuum. And when we say social media it spans the entire ambit including FB, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr and many more. This blog is part of our constant endeavor to create knowledge wealth in the digital marketing domain. Let’s now sit back and take a look at all the critical success factors attached to SEO and why companies should still invest in it.

It’s Still Relevant

First and foremost SEO is still relevant in the present cluttered scenario where competition is cut throat. Agreed that Google recently nixed the data pertaining to organic searches, but the techniques employed to bolster SEO still assure great results. They are equipped to smartly tackle all those bots deployed by search engines while correlating keywords and search results. The trick is to create optimal UI via systematic SEO strategies. And yes thanks to increasing number of video/audio links and the resultant functionality of search engines, SEO’s relevance is not going to fade anytime soon.

Biggest Bang for every Buck Spent

It is indisputable that organic search results form the core of any company’s online presence. It all starts from there; being seen right on top of organic search results sets the ball rolling. Yet the costs attached to SEO and the subsequent ROI make it a highly affordable proposition as a marketing tool. When compared to other marketing activities like pay per click advertising or bulk mailing or pop up banners, the costs attached to SEO are minimal. Moreover, when it comes to SEO it’s not expenditure it’s simple investment with assured ROI.

Search Engines, the Go To Platforms

With every passing day, more and more people are relying on search engines for reviews of products/services before investing in them. Across the more advanced western countries, almost 90% of shoppers look to search engines for vital information and reviews before buying a product or service. Even in an evolving market like India more and more shoppers, especially in the urban pockets, are looking up search engines for crucial information and feedback before spending. Not being present on the organic SEO landscape is tantamount to yielding way for competition.

Mobile Phones Triggering LSO

Local Search Optimization is the newest technique that’s sending marketers into a frenzy. The booming mobile phone population and the sheer volumes of data transmitted to them have triggered the need for LSO. Powered by geophysical tagging of mobile phones, data which is location sensitized is being transmitted to users. This opens up a whole new opportunity for businesses looking to adopt an explicit approach to targeting.

The Salesperson with a Halo

SEO could very well qualify to be any firm’s most charismatic salesperson. If your website is your most robust marketing tool then SEO is the brightest sales driver. As a combo, they work 24x7x365 without leaves or calling in sick or the fear of attrition. SEO is always at work even during off hours driving traffic to your company website creating more footfall opportunities and simultaneously building equity around your brand.

The SEO & SM Connect

If you are a firm practitioner of social media magic then you must be aware of its back end as well. SEO tools are engineered to leverage shared information and data pertaining to social media. The content shared on SM platforms is directly related to SEO parameters like title tags, meta descriptions etc. A specialist digital marketing agency can help you manage the entire process which is kick-started when people share information on their SM platforms. Capturing that data and manipulating it to your brand’s advantage is an expense-free exercise which a competent agency can accomplish for you.


As an SMM agency with proven credentials Alter Ego is backed by enormous hands-on experience. Relying on the same we wish to draw your attention to one very fundamental fact. In one word it’s called as your WEBSITE. No matter how much sound and noise you make on various SM platforms it’s all traced back to your website, and if your site doesn’t live up to all the hoopla then it’s a bleak scenario. Moreover when your website figures in the top slot as a result of organic searches then it better be comprehensive. Having a website in place and powering it via SEO is the perfect recipe for sure shot success.