Digital Marketing is Indispensable

We are back with our next blog. And this time we dwell on the unparalleled pertinence attached to digital marketing. In the contemporary enterprise, the segment is it B2B or B2C or even C2C the role of digital marketing as a sales enabler is far too big to ignore. If marketing is the fine art of dangling a carrot to connect with the customers then digital marketing is all about it and more via electronic media. And it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state that conventional marketing is slowly making way for digital marketing. Companies are actually slashing their traditional marketing budgets to accommodate digital initiatives; there are many brands which survive only on the strength of digital marketing. Wondering why? Simple! Just take a walk on the street or stroll around the neighborhood park or mall; how many people can you spot who are not immersed in their smartphones or pads or tabs or even smartwatches. There lies the obvious answer. We are in the middle of a worldwide digital media boom. This explains the critical need for businesses to get on to the digital marketing bandwagon.

And yes before we proceed to delve deeper into the benefits of digital marketing we wish to gently remind you about our market standing as a blogging enterprise sharing actionable inputs. We are Alter Ego Communications, a Chennai based digital marketing agency specializing in rendering comprehensive brand building solutions. As a new age advertising company, we leverage social media marketing to grow businesses optimally. Our range of services includes SMM, SEO, Web-based marketing and continuum. And when we say social media it spans the entire ambit including FB, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr and many more. We also believe in the concept of knowledge wealth creation pertaining to social media marketing. This blog is the latest in a series we are creating as part of our endeavor to connect with people and companies looking for solutions pertaining to social media marketing.

A Penny Saved is a Pound Earned

Well as the old adage goes, profiting is not just about larger margins or greater sales; it also involves revenue accrued through cost-cutting. Digital marketing comes as a whiff of fresh breath in a business environment where companies are choking themselves into irrelevance due to astronomical marketing costs. One-upmanship, market pressure, dwindling sales, new launches etc are some of the factors which trigger high marketing spends. Compared to conventional marketing, the digital reach out methodology works out way cheaper. Imagine connecting with a huge database at the click of a mouse; FB posts, bulk mailing, YouTube channels, LinkedIn posts, Instagram updates, Google Alerts….the possibilities are endless. The net result is the same or more than what traditional marketing achieves. Low cost, high impact is the core funda of digital marketing.

What you Sow is NOT what you Reap

The ROI equation in digital marketing is highly compelling from a fiscal perspective. Digital marketing offers considerably high returns on small investments. Bulk mailing or launching a campaign overdrive across social media platforms or optimizing the company website cost a pittance when compared to the sheer connectivity proposition. The cost spent on digital marketing is often far outmatched by the returns in terms of visibility and connectivity.

No Ballpark Figures

Unlike traditional marketing, its digital cousin offers an easy mechanism for measuring the returns and results of a specific campaign. Imagine running a full-page ad in a popular news daily. You have to wait for weeks and sometimes months before the returns are ascertained, be it in the form of footfalls or volumes or window shopping numbers. But consider a typical digital media ad; the response is almost instant in the form of a like or a query or a comment or a share. Likewise, there are many smart tools like Google AdWords, Google Analytics and few other email campaign analyzers which help advertisers mark up the response.

Shoot to Kill

Digital marketing is a great tool when it comes to precision and accuracy. Digital platforms afford marketers the luxury of targeting specific segments and communicating with them basing on their demographics and psychographics. In fact, most of the SM platforms are powered by smart algorithms which aggregate data on tastes and habits of users. This facilitates precision targeting and immediate feedback on campaign effectiveness.

The World is your Playground

Simply go global with digital media. Today we come across dime a dozen stories of startup firms or SMEs making it big thanks to global visibility. This is a reality made possible by the sheer reach out the potential of the digital world. Sitting in Chetpet of Chennai you can reach out to someone in Chicago or Anchorage or even Timbuktu. Such is the reach out power accorded by SM to marketers. If you are a big business, reach out to a global audience without spending the big bucks. And if you are a small or medium enterprise then get unbelievable visibility and cover new grounds by touching base with the world itself.


As a reputed digital marketing agency Alter Ego has a larger role to play when it comes to knowledge dissemination. As part of the same, we advise most of the companies which are new to digital marketing to go in for professional help. Retaining a digital marketing firm with SM expertise is advisable in order to play smart and cut costs. Moreover, continuous engagement is the name of the game in digital marketing. One lapse and the netizens simply block you out of their memory. To enter the world of digital marketing with professional help. It pays and how!