Why user attention is more important than the sale – The Real Digital Marketing.

This definitely is not a post that has some bulleted points laid out claiming success. It’s more about the user and why his attention is the elementary touchstone to market. 

The social media and marketing strategies that are out there is like a textbook. You can read about it, feel happy for it. Implement it and it’ll fail. Reason? Because you can’t layer out users with points; that sound fancy. Those tend to weave success stories on a single domain. They are not consistent it will not hold for all the users out there. The users are dynamic so as things. They don’t adhere to any rule.


You should never force yourself to sell a product. You must make some relevance to the users’ timeline. The user lands on social media precisely to aberrate from his tedious schedule. Perpetually inflaming users timeline with products will agitate him. Instead of considering the product, he will start to drift away. Adding more oil, he might pledge to not buy again. It’s simple; everyone needs time but has less immersion. Grab that attention, make sounds, shout loud and ensure the user isn’t burned.

“Content is King, but Context is GOD” – GARY VAYNERCHUK 

Smartphones are the hot cake. The user has much more purpose on a smartphone; like a virtual hand. And throwing out content so randomly for the sake of posting makes it void. It kills his experience. The purpose of your brand gets defeated. The user should never be approached as a target. He is the best friend out there you can have. Give him relevance and he will reflect the same. His mobile is what he is, make him not to regret.


It’s all about attention 

You can never get undivided attention from the user unless you make some sense for him and play in his world; with him. You can’t expect him to like everything that you post, because he liked your page or your follower. Treat him as the most respectable person out there.

The user is so dependent on his smartphone. He is not gonna waste his time hearing your stories unless it means something. He never cares about your stats; all he wants is, the value that you can offer to him. If being on your page and reading a post adds value to him, he definitely will bring a spark.


Attention is the asset. It can be anything. All you need is to grab the user’s attention to make him stay on your page. Not by ads, not by creepy banners, definitely not by pop-ups. Unless you are Musk, and he is waiting to buy a Tesla, you can’t fool around. So decide what are you gonna speak about. Is it about the value of the product or the value that the product adds to his life.


So how can you make him see you, in the crowd? 

It’s all about patience and quality content. You can’t expect him to make some monetary contributions with some posts. You could have even spent more on those posts, but it won’t bear the fruit that you expected. He is tired of offers unless you need to push the product; you can use it.

Go to the user, never expect him to come at you. Find your user base, pitch in there. Rather than making presence felt everywhere, roar in your wild forest where you are the king. Feed him content and never overdo it. Flushing out everything on him makes no sense, no matter even they are of a superior quality. Use the special tools on those platforms. Like you should not make arbitrary posts on Instagram, use Instagram stories to make the connect. Tweet out to make sense. Speak with your audience. They all demand is some quality time. Make the blog crisp and sensible. Don’t clutter the user with lots of FB posts. Be informative, educate the audience and hear them out. You can’t climb a ladder with it being buried way under. Each step you climb should up your user base.



The crowd is so big!

Yes, the crowd is so big. And they are already being flushed with information; which they’ll never need in their life. People are in a hurry, all they need is a good headline to look at. Think and research on your audience. What relevance can you add to him, is the biggest problem to be solved. The companies follow all sorts of methods to test. All it gives is a false positive, and they tend to be satisfied with it. If you wanna expand your business, you have to make a stride.


Building brand and user base is not a race. It’s all about respect, time and content. The respect you give for him with the content and the time he gives; helps to branch and brand you. Social media tactics are good in books unless you really understand them.