INSTAGRAM launches IGTV app to compete with YouTube?


Is Instagram planning to compete with YouTube, after Facebook Watch failing to hit the cords? Instagram the adopted child from Facebook has launched its new app IGTV, at the event in San Francisco. It will allow users to upload videos up to one-hour length. Both for content creators, celebrities, and the general users.


IGTV is a standalone app as well a home screen button, inside Instagram. It will allow all Instagram users to upload vertical videos, trying to take video streaming to all the small screens.

It’s time for a video to move forward, and evolve,” said Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom and added “We made it a dedicated app so you can tap on it and enjoy the video without all the distraction


IGTV app will be available both on Android and iOS and in the Instagram app through the new TV button in the home screen. The app will allow users to swipe through videos. Watch video from recommended, popular, people whom they follow. It also allows you to continue watching video from the position left, just like YouTube.


No Commercials

            IGTV may not have commercials yet, but it will bring it soon. It does not pay for the content creators like YouTube. It will allow monetization from future, says CEO. IGTV allows users to create the own channel and develop content. They do have an option for description, which the users can make use to redirect traffic to their websites.


The one Billion Mark

            Instagram announced it’s One Billion User mark on the same event. Which they plan to capitalize for its IGTV. Instagram is fast growing and is soon expected to hold a huge share of the market. Since Facebook is a bit on the downward slope, due to the data privacy issues. It is giving more importance to Instagram.