How to Stay Relevant in Digital Marketing; When things Undergo Constant Change

Digital Marketing is no more a buzzword. It has been changing the marketing landscape ever since. With the advent of new age Smartphones, people are glued to it. The old, shout loud marketing is bygone.


Because there is a constant change and people are experimenting with different platforms. Even Facebook is turning out to be tiring nowadays. There’s Snap chat, musically, twitter that is gaining more mileage. Since it’s free, all you have to pay is with your time.

  1. Explore the trend

Most of the social mediums are free to use. People shift along the waves; if you still stay on the same side of the shore! You are not going to sell things.

Find out the audience pulse and work on it. The audience attention is a must. Remember Quality content is never going to fade. 

  1. The traditional strategies don’t work anymore

            If you still believe in traditional marketing; I’m sorry you have to wake up dear friend. The audiences are no more looking at billboards, no more into newspaper ads. They look up, in YouTube, Facebook and Google. Audience needs content that add value to the time spent. Audience are not going to spend time wondering, how good the designs are. 

  1. No more Freebies

            Sending freebies have lost its share. The audiences are ready to pay a dime if it pushes value. All you need is, proper research to make your content strong. The audience shall come and engage only if the words sound true.

  1. Ad Words can only propel a little

Ad Words can obviously propel the business but till when? Up to what point?

So what has to be done? Spread along with your audience and make their time valuable. Connect with them. Show some concern and interact with the audience. Make them feel, you care about them. And you can only connect with them if you know them.

  1. Make your Ads persona based

Target the audience based on the persona. You can sell a PS4 to anyone. You just need to make some changes to market it, to the particular age group. You can’t market it with Arkham Asylum’s graphic to all age group.

It’s more like divide and conquers.

  1. Test with your audience

            You can’t test a strategy all by yourself. You need an audience for a response. Test and keep improving with the comments. That’s how things get interactive.

Explore the possibilities. If vlog is on the run, go for it. If podcast makes a wave, go for it. It may seem weird but if the content being strong; will do wonders.

  1. Email marketing is extinct

            Email marketing has reached its limit. It’s no more a go forward way to market. Emails easily get filtered. The ways of using and checking emails have changed long back. Still sticking with basic, makes no sense.

The reality is Time. Try to convey your ideas concisely in a post, in a picture, in few seconds video. Make some relevant noise. So that people look at you.

The marketing world is a Big Circus, things are same. But the show differs.