Google Revamps AdWords

It’s July and time for a small change in Google! That’s how Google Announced it’s restructuring. G one are the days of nostalgia. It’s all for good. Owing to user feedback from the past few years, the rebranding is happening in Google.

Sridhar Ramaswamy, the senior vice president Google Ad efforts said, “It’s a name change and it’s where we want our products to go.” This is being done so, it could be easy for advertisers to locate the product.


The Google Ad products will branch out to three brands.

  • Google AdWords to Google Ads
  • DoubleClick Marketing and Google Analytics 360 as Google Marketing Platform
  • Google Ad Manager includes Google Monetization tools

Google Ads 

Google Ads will act as the main path to buy Ads in all Google surfaces. It could be YouTube video Ads, app ads, display ads, map listings. It has also launched Smart Campaigns for small business advertisers. It helps them to identify the action.


Google Marketing Platform 

Google Marketing Platform combines DoubleClick marketing and Google Analytics 360. Google Marketing Platform emphasis on Collaboration. It has new integrations centre to connect with the Google tools. It also has new products, Display and Video 360 combining DoubleClick Bid manager, Campaign manager, Studio and Audience centre.


Google Ad Manager 

Google Ad Manager has all Google monetization tools under one roof. There’s not much of a change in here, except restructuring and logo.


The functionality will remain the same. And there is no product migration. There will be small changes in the look. The product, overall will remain the same. The rebrand will be in effect from July.