Google Shopping is India Now!

Google, the Search Engine giant enters into massive Indian E-Commerce Market. Establishing monopoly again?


Google officially launched it’s Google shopping, recently. Claiming to provide a new shopping search experience. Considering the huge Indian online market, Google shopping might have bigger plans for the future.


Google shopping comes in more like a e-commerce aggregator, displaying results with best offers, deals and redirecting the user to the e-commerce sites. It displays daily deals, top picks, popular deals and lot more from electronics.

Google shopping is also accessible from shopping tab in the search bar. It can also be used in mobile devices that support chrome. It is available in Google lens and it definitely ups the user experience.


Google shopping is dubbed to help small and medium scale merchants, to take their work online. Google informs that, these merchants won’t be charged a penny for setting up.

Google shopping has filters just like other e-commerce sites to filter the desired. Google shopping will connect the consumers and retailers to a larger extent.

Google shopping and merchant center will also be available in Hindi to facilitate rapid growth. Google will allow sellers to list their products without paying for ad campaigns.

Google’s blog post suggests us that, Google shopping is launched to merely help consumers and retailers have a better shopping experience – by providing them with technology and tools. It assures to develop users way of shopping.

Google being the search engine giant and its pasts records. It might try to lure the 400+million Indian internet users. And India might help Google achieve global dominance, since the online market is just blooming.