Top 5 Free Business Marketing Tools for Success

The Goal is not to be perfect by the end. The Goal is to be better tomorrow”

Simon Sinek 

The success of a Business not only depends entirely on the products or services offered. Interestingly it depends on Marketing.

Marketing is huge, sometimes ambiguous and always ambitious. Marketers need to match the ever demanding needs of the business, clients and deadlines. Marketing is kind of the buzz word with start-ups. They have high targets with shoestring budgets.

Marketing tools come handy in most cases. They act as a direct aid to meet deadlines. It makes the work easy and helps to track and make analysis. Marketing tools come handy, and are the best way to invest time; it gives good productivity.

But not all marketing tools are legit. So let’s look at some marketing tools that are the best

1.Crisp Writing


“Content boosts the sale”, yes that’s undeniable. Crisp, neat, precise content aids in building trust. Who would want to look at an elongated, bleached content? Content makes the sale and keeps things intact. There are just few tools that can effectively handle the content.

Grammarly stands on top of the list, that helps to avoid critical mistakes. It’s easy to use, handle, has extensions for browsers. It can be practically used anywhere in MS word, online forums, social medias. Wherever needed, Grammarly pops up. It is the best grammar tool out in the market.



How good a marketing strategy would fair without a solid research? Questionable? The reach of the product is inherently dependent on the quality of research. The research being bland can never get the desired reach. You just have to know the audience. On a wider perspective there are practically many variables to know from the audience. The tradition door to door market research won’t be of much use, considering the landscape of the audience.

So that’s where an online form comes handy, in our case Typeform. Typeform has the best UI comparatively. It can be easily integrated into many existing applications. Moreover, it is highly customizable and supports in providing valuable insight to the user and consumer. It makes surveying simple.

3.Content Strategy content-strategy-alter-ego-communications

Market is changing at a constant rate, so should the strategies be. They account for the research and growth. The strategies should be documented, for every iteration to record the results.

A content strategy checklist is a must in such case. The strategy list being interactive supports marketers and strategists to create customized plans, actionables, goals, metrics for measuring performance. It’s like a report that builds results.

4. Get your Topics Inspired

To be realistic it’s difficult to get noticed by people. Headlines are the major factor of attraction, they lure in the viewers. But after a point topics might get repetitive. And might not reach as the previous topics.

So how to create topics that pull in visitors? Buzzsumo helps in that aspect. It shows the most popular content based on the keyword, through industries. Search in Buzzsumo to know about the engagement rates in different social medias. It gives an idea to align and generate top-5-free-business-marketing-tools-successcontent for specific audience. It inspires you to create appealing topics.


5. Social Media Management


Undeniably Buffer stands atop for managing social media profiles. Schedule your post and get it posted on time. Buffer is highly user-friendly and is the best bet for busy marketers. Load all your posts for different social medias and leave the rest to buffer.

It also provides analytical insights and recommendations to improve impressions.

Begin a marketer with limited budget is hectic. And these tools make the job easier and improve the performance.