Trends that will rule Social Media in 2019

Social Media Trends that will rule 2019

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It’s almost the end of the year, the perfect time to work on Social Media Marketing strategy for 2019. Social Media trends change at an exuberant rate.

From “text” updates to interactive posts, social media is all rage. And 2019 is not gonna remain seren. Social media trends are mercurial since the landscape is huge. It is a must, to get along with the social media trends to ensure success in 2019.

It’s the right time to mutate existing social media marketing strategy, to find what works and what should be enhanced.

Let’s look at some social media trends that are to make a huge impact in 2019.

Engagement Factor

engagement factor social media trends 2019


Organic Reach is no more an option unless the content is




Facebook has updated its Algorithm, favoring content that is interactive and engrossing. The content has to create a conversation.

Likes, share and comment might not add much significance to a “post” anymore. The algorithms are smart and keep getting streamlined. Social media platforms are trying to cut these techniques, giving priority to content and engagement.

Social media platforms are urging hard to improve their user experience. Thus implying engagement is sine qua non, to reach the audience.

Product discovery

Product discovery social media trends 2019


Social media has made product discovery effortless. It has enabled brands to reach to their audience. Through social media, consumers are able to find more about the products.

Brands are able to broadcast their products and launch them with ease. Social media is no more about educating the consumers, it’s about creating an interaction.

Mary Meeker’s report, says that about 55% of the consumers discover a product through social media. Facebook still holds the major share in product discovery, with Instagram catching up.

Stories are all the rage

Instagram Stories Social media trends 2019

Stories are not gonna slow that soon, thanks to Snapchat for the “story” feature. Instagram has utilized the utmost. Snapchat is not in the ‘story’ battle anymore. Other social media companies are using the most out of the stories.

Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and now LinkedIn has also started stories. According to reports, almost 400 million people are consuming Instagram stories.

Marketers have already described the power of Stories. Stories are unique, have a high engaging factor and live up to the hype.

Stories are
-Easy to create
-Easy to access
-last just for 24 hours

Social Media Influencers

Social Media Influences Social Media Trends

The rise of social media influencers is enormous. Looks like this social media trend is not slowing down after all. Influencers create huge impact among the audience. It’s their face value that’s being traded.

Influencers are not like brand ambassadors. They are more like high “elite” users, who have a face value. They are to be taken seriously. There are instances where influencers have shaken the stocks. Kylie Jenner once tweeted about Snapchat’s update leading to a 1.3 billion loss in stocks.

Micro-influencers might not have as much impact as influencers. But they flare well for small brands, pertaining to a locality. They give the boy/girl next door’s trust.

And micro-influencers suit well for budgets. Micro-influencer is a fast catching up trend. Popular people in schools, YouTubers, reviewers, food bloggers, travel bloggers, political analysts are filling up this category.

These influencers have created trust amongst the people, which most ambassadors fail. Influencers are affordable by brands. Thus raising the Social media marketing stakes.

This social media trend of micro-influencers and influencers are a force to be reckoned with.

Bots Bots and BotsBots and Bots Social Media Trends 2019

Bots are quite the talk of the town. Not just they, sound sci-fi but that they work real. Chatbots are a serious addition to customer service.

Social media has bridged the gap between brands and customers. Which obviously makes the customer expect a swift and convincing response from brands. Facebook Chatbots are becoming more popular since it adds some additional support.

Though not a humongous improvement, Chatbots are making a difference. Brands are working on customizing Chatbots to answer frequently asked questions; as a measure to save time.

Machine learning technologies are improving round the clock. And it gets better all the time. 2019 will have an improved version of AI based Chatbots since it reduces the response time from brands.

These social media trends will be updated throughout the year. Yet it’s better to build strategies around it.

Brands spending more time and money for the audience will be the clear winners of 2019.