Google Assistant Comes to the Rescue

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Looks likes every day is a Google update day. Google has been experimenting and updating many of its features and services recently. Visual overview of the Day, by Google Assistant is the new feature to be updated.

Everyone of us have a To-do list, and we keep on checking them over. Google has come up with a solution to avoid that. Seems, from next week all those are gonna come under a single click.

New look

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From checking traffic, meetings, restaurants, packages and travel reminders. The new visual snapshot powered by Google Assistant will give you suggestions and personalized information. Helping you save time.

It curates the information based on the location, time and recent interactions with the Google Assistant. With a long scroll, you can check out the agenda for the day, reminders, reservations, stocks, bills, upcoming events and suggestions.

How to access

google assistant update 2018

The new update can be accessed by tapping the “new” icon in the top right corner of the screen, once the Google Assistant is active. Google has informed, it’ll keep updating the features. Giving you access to more information on the go.

Google Assistant has also been updated to send proactive notifications of events. Instead of seeing through the screen, it can also been seen in the notification screen.

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Google says both Android and IOS will have the update from next week.