5 Reasons Why Small Brands Should Embrace Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is all the rage in Instagram. It has already made a name for itself in the marketing community. Small Brands and startups can mark themselves on the map with Influencer Marketing.

People have become mature and are hesitant in trusting advertisements. It’s promotions and advertisements everywhere. The factor of trust gets reduced, when the brand focuses on advertisements.

People will trust if they have used the company’s products or have heard from someone whom they trust. Influencer Marketing leverages this emotion. And moreover it’s one of the best ways for a Startup to make some noise.

1. Great ROI

ROI based digital marketing alter ego communications  Startup is great, but it does have restrictions with the cash flow. Influencer Marketing comparatively drains less money. It generates high traffic and creates a good aura around the brand. It adds brand value and can easily reach the target audience with ease. It accounts to a great ROI. It’s usually 11 times greater than other Digital Marketing methods, according to a recent study.

2. Build the Customer’s trust

trust-in-man A brand can’t grow without trust from its customers. It’s the base of any relationship. If the customer needs to get a product, they should trust the brand. And Influencers are the people made for it.

It’s the plain Old School Word of mouth that still lives. We could probably trust the recommendations from a friend rather than Google. A customer will follow a celebrity only if the customer likes. And so the customer trusts the celebrity. The celebrities put their line on reputation while recommending a brand. They make sure the product is safe. And so the customer trusts the company and product.

3. Authentic storytelling works

instagram-stories-watching- alter ego 360

Audience read stories, but believe only in few. Influencer Marketing helps weave an authentic story around the brand. The influencers are great in creating content for their audiences. They use their authenticity to relate with a product. Making it engaging and sellable. A good story is better than a crispy tag line.

4. Brand loyalty

Brand Loyalty Alter ego communications

Large followers cannot account to loyal followers. Having huge follower base looks attractive, but is not the only light out there. Interacting with the customers and hearing them out is a proper way to build loyalty. The Influencers can make interactions happen. Though they market the brand and products they are not considered advertisements. The influencers connect with the customers on an emotional note.

5. No more Shouting Ads

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Pop ups, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, YouTube Ads, promoted Ads, display Ads, search ads. People are so tired of ads shouting from all corners. They move away from them and even go to extremes to block ads. Brands can market but not shout at the people. Influencer Marketing helps in overcoming the odd.

Instead of the “shouting ads”, the brands can use authentic real life people to tell stories about them. People seem to be interested in others, real persons. That makes them go and watch a product. Influencer Marketing can penetrate to great extent.

The best way to begin Influencer Marketing is to find a good influencer who has relevant followers. And is a great contributor to content as well. And then things will fall in place.