Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Social media is colossal! There are lot of novices out there and gaffes happen. And even the experts tend to make mistakes; because they have never knew it was misconception.

Even a small blunder can slaughter a viral tweet/post. There are numerous misinterpreted social media strategies that are a deep pit and nothing more. We’ll look at ways to avoid the blunders.

Never publish often

People are not gonna look at the post unless it’s from a  celebrity or it adds value to time. Posting day and night is a definite turn off for the followers. Publishing often will diminish

the brand value. Never publish for the sake of publishing.


Many social media companies make this botch, assuming it’ll improve the brand. But has it ever happened? Nope! Frequent posts has always irked user. Because its branding post and not entertainment.

Know the pulse of your followers and publish in correct frequency. It highly depends on the size of the audience and product type. Experiment with frequency and post timing. Make sure to get the tone early.the more followers tend to go away.

Accept negative feedback

            Accept the negative criticism from the audience. Think and act on the feedback. Even broadcast the feedback. A negative feedback is a way to interact with the audience.


Since there should be an engagement factor, why not start with the negatives? And never ever try to shut down a negative feedback, it always turns the other way around. There are companies the even go to the extent of blocking the user and deleting the comments. No, that’s not a way to handle criticism.

Sometimes negative feedback comes without any reason. Look out for those and divert it off with sarcasm.

Don’t be loud with promotion

            Promotions can be loud; sometimes it even screams. To have a steady balance of followers, engage them with non promotional posts as well. The more the posts are promotional, the more followers tend to go away.


Assuming a follower has brought a product and he liked the social media page. Remember most of the like comes only in such a way. Pushing more with product promotions makes no sense the follower.

Instead, be pleasing with promotions; ensure it looks entertaining with less branding. Give tips, share inspiring stories, news and ideas. Never share the same content with the followers.

Never change the measuring variables

Numbers are a must in marketing; they give you a track of the reach. It gives an estimate of the reach, ROI, and performance of the post. But numbers are deceiving if the variables are vague.


Make a research of the audience count, followers count, reach count, post count, likes, comment and share count. Stats speak, it gives insight. Numerous variables account for the likes, filter them out. Make sense out of them. Fix the variables and then make an analysis.

That’s the proper way to calculate the ROI. Without variables and inferences, research has no value. Stick to the variables.