5 Ways Social Media Can Help Grow Your Business

It’s an understatement to say that businesses in the contemporary environment cannot grow without leveraging the power of social media. The enterprise segment is fast warming up to a soft sell marketing technique; it relies on engaging potential consumers with informational, educational and actionable content deployed on various social media platforms. Technology powered devices like smart phones, tabs, desktops and laptops provide consumers with unlimited access to humungous information pertaining to diverse subjects and segments. The pertinence of social media as a marketing tool has been triggered by this technology ushered info revolution. Marketers across the business spectrum now view social media marketing as an indispensable tool.

We are Alter Ego Communications, a Chennai based digital marketing agency specializing in rendering comprehensive brand building solutions. As a new age advertising company, we leverage social media marketing to grow businesses optimally. Our range of services include SMM, SEO, Web based marketing and continuum. And when we say social media it spans the entire ambit including FB, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr and many more. We also believe in the concept of knowledge wealth creation pertaining to social media marketing. This blog is an effort by our social media wing to reach out to a wider cross section offering insights and analytics related to SMM. In this blog we dwell on various ways businesses can leverage social media to experience hyper growth.

 Optimizing Brand Visibility

 Optimizing Brand Visibility

Social media platforms can be used for engaging existing customers on a sustained format; simultaneously the same can be used to garner new eyeballs. The trick is to have a wide reach out via presence on a variety of SM platforms. Most of the customers may be active regularly on one or two SM networks and these one or two may differ from segment to segment. So it’s imperative to have presence all across the SM spectrum. The tone of voice while engaging the consumer segment must vary. While most of the time brand/product/service related stories can be shared it is imperative to go off the mark sometimes. Humoring the audience with a funny story or a crazy video does not hurt.

Building Brand Equity

building brand equity alter ego communicationsSocial media can be a smart platform of brand building including eliciting the trust and faith of the consumer segment. If not anything else most of the SM platforms are agile and robust. One post and it doesn’t take too long for it to go viral garnering tons of views in no time. It helps to stay connected to the social media at all times. Information, events, developments, trends, milestones, testimonials etc must be posted as a regular feed. Over a period of time these feeds help build an aura of trust and reliability around the source. Followers actually look forward to posts and updates from the brand in order to keep abreast with the latest. Some of them may use these feeds to look for vital information in times of emergencies.

Giving out Brand Information

Keeping the consumers well informed about the brand, company and its credentials is a vital must. ‘Comprehensive yet compact’ is the mantra when it comes to divulging company information. When engaging with brands on social media the consumers expect to know something about the companies behind the brands. Hence providing crucial company information including history, location, nature of business, promoters’ profiles etc would add an extra dimension to the whole exercise. All this has to be done without consuming too much of fine print. Using a motto, caption or slogan helps to a great extent.

Trending as a Trigger

Social media can be a fantastic platform for triggering awareness via trending. The not so recent ‘ice bucket’ challenge and the desi ‘rice bucket’ challenge helped garner great levels of curiosity around socially important topics. The very recent trend of having a black circle as DP for WhatsApp as a protest towards a recent crime is a great example. People are still sporting black circles as DP demanding justice for the victim. Likewise brands too can benefit from trending. Posting some activity or idea as an indicator or symbol of a new product or service can be a great way of getting attention. A product or service linked to a specific activity as an analogy has the potential to go viral real fast.

Talking Visually

SM platforms can be leveraged to the maximum when talking is done visually. Posting pictures or videos is a great way of arresting attention of the consumers. No amount of verbose wisdom can equal the power of one great picture or smart video; simply because people especially in the SM world tend to relate to it faster. Too much of fine print often ends up as rhetoric in writing! Hence pictures and videos can be posted across most SM platforms (In some cases links) for a greater effect. But every care has to be taken to ensure crispness in the final output.


As an eminent social media marketing agency in Chennai, Alter Ego has a greater responsibility. As part of the same we wish to caution users especially marketers leveraging SM platforms to exercise extreme caution while posting content. Very often one wrong post or comment can put off a whole segment of consumers. So a prognostic approach is advised against a diagnostic one.