What makes Content Shareable

What makes content shareable

What makes content more engaging and makes the reader want to share it with others? We were talking about this. And one of us said something that possibly nails it in very few words. He said, sharing of content has more to do with people wanting to share their emotions or their experiences.

Indeed, people share content because it touches them. It makes them want to associate with it. It makes them look good. It makes them belong…and the like. That’s what makes them like it. And if they like it a lot, they share it.

All these are emotional responses to content. The emotion the content generates decides how far it will go.  And on that introductory note, let’s break it down into sharable pieces.

Infographics are the most effective content format in more than one-third of the industries.

Long-form content succeeds in tech, home and garden, beauty, and travel. But how-to content is a better bet for arts, and for hospitality.

People are more likely to up-vote a pre-liked comment. The need for validation makes popularity infectious. Make sharing buttons (with the share count) clearly visible around the content you publish.

Positive news is more likely to go viral. Content that elicited high-arousal emotions such as delight, astonishment, excitement, awe, anger, frustration or anxiety got shared more than one that evoked low-arousal or deactivating emotions such as sadness.

Create “how-to” type content that specifically addresses the most asked questions among your target audience. Share tips to make a complex process/concept easier to implement/understand. This will help generate more organic traffic from search engines as well.

Sharable content is your gateway to success in content marketing. Get your users to share your content regularly, or in high enough volume, and you’ll access thousands of new potential followers, earn tons of referral traffic, and gain permanent links that boost your domain authority, and your website’s potential to rank higher in Google searches.