Ergomaxx – Website Design and Promotion Case Study

The client is South India’s forerunning commercial furniture manufacturer, supplier, and exporter, with a long list of highly respected clients from every major industry.


Ergomaxx needed to build a website, showcasing their products and achievements, and promote the same, with paid and organic marketing, as part of their transformation into the digital world.


AlterEgo took up the challenge and completed the task successfully, on time, through the following process:

Understanding the industry

A thorough reach on the industry was conducted. Competitors and their websites were studied and details regarding the content, design, page sizes, site-performance with respect to speed, UI friendliness, clarity, etc. were gathered.

Scope of the project

–          Website Development

–          Digital Marketing

Statistics after successful completion of the project

–          70% growth in lead generation

–          Leads from day 2 of paid campaign

–          Consistent conversions from day 20

–          Paid campaign done for 3-6 months

–          Maintained consistent lead generation through SEO

Defining parameters

A list of USPs (Unique Selling Propositions) were created based on Ergomaxx’s products, services, and client testimonials. It included, ISO certified, innovative, new products like Edumaxx, specially made for school furniture, state of the art manufacturing facilities, skilled team of design engineers and manufacturers, and decades of experience in the industry.

Designing website

Taking input from Ergomaxx (primarily regarding content, but foundationally, regarding design too) and with a team of top-notch designers, the website was built from scratch. The client was in the loop throughout the process, with back and forth communications, to make sure their vision was not compromised.


Through Alter Ego’s networks and paid-marketing campaigns, the newly created website was promoted on social media and other webpages. The audience was understood, segregated, and specifically targeted, thereby sending a message that Ergomaxx’s relationship with their clients is special and unique. Because the client was already a well-known name, marketing efforts were relatively easier. The marketing campaign resulted in a considerable number of leads and conversion rates.

SEO Strategies

To keep the lead generation consistent, SEO strategies were then implemented on the content of the website, to increase the ranking and visibility. This way, after 6 months period, the paid-promotion was slowly reduced, and the leads were still consistent.