Experienced UI/UX Design Partners Delivering Results in 2X Less Time

The Alter Ego UI/UX design consultants have a decade-long experience in crafting an efficient process that brings solid results to our B2B as well as B2C clients in Chennai.

UI UX web design

We take 2X lesser time on developing an already-designed interface.


The time taken by us to create and deliver a brand new UI/UX wireframe is cut short by 30%

digital marketing

Any design support your business needs after the delivery of the service is done in 70% lesser time than any other digital marketing agency


The time we spend on user interface design is 30% lesser than other UI/UX design firms in Chennai

Join hands with Alter Ego and leverage our efficiency to create intuitive and attractive designs that enhance your digital presence across Chennai.

Chennai’s Leading UI/UX Design Development Company - Experience The Process

Step 1


We develop concept based on ideas and clientele requirement.

Step 2


Professional and skilled UI/UX designers, simple and user friendly designs attains 100% result.

Step 3


Systems developed based on client's requirements and the unique features of the operating system and the devices.

Step 4

Review & Test:

Our professional team detects bugs and fixes the technical errors for smooth functioning of apps.

Step 5


We launch the developed project.

Step 6


We offer continuous maintenance to our clients to resolve further technical issues.

Alter Ego’s Success Stories as a UI/UX Design Company in Chennai

Alter Ego Communications focus on building a relationship with you. We understand where you come from and where you’re headed. We aim to give you tailor-made marketing solutions for your business in Chennai.

Our social media marketing experts are top in the line in Chennai. They focus on enhancing brand visibility and revenue through solid SEO content marketing strategies. We always believe in planning ahead and creating clear social media KPIs (key performance indicators). We test, analyze and improve our digital marketing strategies constantly, based on performance and RoI measurement.

One of our B2B clients wanted a beautiful yet efficient UI/UX design for their website. We helped them with the same and delighted both our customers and the end users.

We have also worked with a product development team of a healthcare firm to make sure that each product and its unique feature is listed and carefully placed in the UI/UX wireframe.

We work with our client’s team to engage customers and help them design the best UI/UX framework. We hold their hand throughout the launch of the website as well as to maintain it later.

One of our UI/UX design templates has become a huge success across 30+ countries around the world and the clients have never been happier.

Creative UI UX Design

Why Choose
Alter Ego for
Your UI/UX Design

Alter Ego has more than a decade's experience in creating solid wireframes for its B2B and B2C clients in Chennai. Our work is based on understanding their niche, analysing their customer profile and detailed market research. Our websites are SEO optimized and provide the smoothest user journey to the end customer. With a best-in-class mix of creative vision and technology, we render a highly satisfactory user experience in the UI/UX design consultation we offer.

Improve your presence, Impress visitors,
Increase conversions

On the way to achieving the goal that a user intends, a good UI is what defines how users interact with your products and services. Alter Ego will help you build a strong connection with your visitors via a seamless UI/UX.

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