Choose Content Writing Services to Achieve Your Marketing Goals in Chennai

Human beings as a species, love stories - telling them, listening to them as well as creating them. The best stories are hence the ones that are retold a hundred more times and the best storyteller becomes immortal. This is exactly why your business and you need the best content marketing strategy. When you hire Alter Ego as your digital content marketing partner, the impact is manifold.

  • Sales conversion rates boost
  • Your reach and brand awareness increases
  • You educate your customers about your products and services
  • Connection with your targeted audience develops
  • You build trust, loyalty and belief in your business

Furthermore, the right kind of content marketing:

  • Brings in more conversions than other traditional forms of marketing
  • Costs way less than print ads or tv ads
  • Generates more leads in a much shorter period of time

Why Should Alter Ego Be Your Content Marketing Agency in Chennai

At Alter Ego, we understand the importance of content in your digital marketing journey. Our key focus areas are to answer your audience's questions, help you build trust, forge lifetime relationships, improve conversion rates, generate high quality authentic leads and increase ROIs. Our content creation services will give you sure short results in Chennai.

Step 1

Increase Traffic

SEO content marketing strategies allow you to publish content that is aligned with your customer’s requirements. It also increases brand visibility in search results. Hence, generating organic visits and traffic to the website and various social media platforms.

Step 2

Brand Awareness and Promotion

Customers are more likely to purchase from your business if they recognise and trust your brand. Blog posts, newsletters, press releases and online marketing campaigns on various social media platforms and the business website are some of the ways to promote your brand through content.

Step 3

Cost Effective

Hiring a good B2B content marketing agency proves to be highly cost-effective as compared to other traditional marketing methods. It’s a very attractive option for small businesses that want to grow.

Step 4

Qualified Leads

Hiring a digital content marketing agency in Chennai is the best way to generate quality leads and convert your website into a B2B lead-generation machine. Good content uses inbound marketing techniques that allows you to move away from expensive and ineffective lead-generation sources.

Step 5

100% Professional Content Creation Services

For 100% professional content and SEO copywriting services, outsourcing the requirements of your business is very important. A digital marketing agency like Alter Ego can handle multiple aspects of your business - UI/UX design, explainer video creation and production, social media campaigns, lead generation, video marketing and much more.

Step 6


We offer continuous maintenance to our clients to resolve further technical issues.

Content Marketing Services Offered by Alter Ego

Technical Blog Writing icon

Technical Blog Writing

We help you in creating well-researched blogs from scratch. From strategy to ideation, we follow it all and drive traffic to your website. You can rely on our writers to deliver the highest quality content that is technically sound.

Press Releases icon

Press Releases

Press releases are much more than news articles. They carry crucial information about your brand and business. Hence, they have to carefully crafted and curated to maintain your brand's reputation and tonality.

Ad Copywriting icon

Ad Copywriting

The perfect ad copy can help you garner more brand visibility, clicks and sales through various social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. It is our job to also analyse their performance and increase your ROIs.

Web copywriting icon

Web copywriting

If you want to make your website a lead magnet but haven't been able to find reliable website copywriters, your search is over. Hire our trained and experienced website content creation professionals with complete confidence that your project is in good hands.Content Marketing Agency in Chennai.

Guides and E-books icon

Guides and E-books

Guides and ebooks are the perfect content marketing tools for lead generation and conversion. With Alter Ego's professional team of content writers, you can create comprehensive and engaging ebooks. We ensure that your business becomes the go-to educational resource for your customers.

Whitepapers and Storyboard Writing icon

Whitepapers and Storyboard Writing

Merely posting videos on Youtube and hoping to get the reach you imagine is pointless. Alter Ego understands Youtube's algorithm and strategizes the consistency and quality of your channel content through regular shorts, content syndication by analyzing the content outreach result, and analyzing the reports to make necessary and timely changes.

Social Media Content Marketing icon

Social Media Content Marketing

Social media platforms offer you the chance to directly connect with your target audience. There are currently more than 4 billion social media users worldwide and this number is only going to go up. Hence, it is vital to create content that is unique for various social media platforms. We can help you with the end-to-end strategy, copywriting, delightful visuals, and paid advertising to cater to your unique audience.

Podcasts iocn


Our digital content marketing services are also available in audio format. Yes, we're talking about podcasts - the only kind of content that becomes a part of the user's life at any time of the day, no matter what he/she is doing. We brainstorm ideas for your podcast, jot down the topics for each episode, write the script, share on several platforms, and effectively leverage it to increase conversions and ROIs.

Brochure Writing icon

Brochure Writing

A brochure is a content marketing tool that promotes the business's product or service offerings. It aims to inform, educate, and drive sales. It is like a magazine with product images and descriptions. As a content writing agency, we create immaculately detailed brochures with no room for errors, because we understand the importance it holds for you and your brand.

Videos and Webinars icon

Videos and Webinars

Almost 90% of customers rely heavily on videos to make purchase decisions. On landing pages, videos drive the maximum sales and conversion rates. We hop on whatever is trending and create explainer videos of all kinds - demos, events, 2D animated, and much more. We also specialize in conducting webinars. Just like whitepapers, webinars also establish authority and provide immense value to customers - old and new alike. We help you design webinars from end to end so that you are never unprepared.

SEO Friendly Blogs icon

SEO Friendly Blogs

Blog writing is a tedious task anyway, and creating ones that are search engine optimised (SEO) is an even tougher task. This is where we step in and help you create the most engaging SEO-friendly blogs for your website. We work hard to increase your visibility in search results where your audience is hunting for similar products or services. Creating top-ranking SEO-friendly content is what keeps you and us on top of our game.

Newsletters and Emailers icon

Newsletters and Emailers

Newsletters and emailers generate the maximum ROIs for a business. This makes themone of the most important mediums for communicating with your customers. They help you maintain customer loyalty and retention. We aim to delight your customers through our carefully crafted emailers. We also help in tracking and analysis of important KPIs and metrics to further improve the marketing strategy.

How we Drive our Content

Our team at Alter Ego Communications believe that planning and strategizing every act of our projects is the first and foremost step to accomplish what we aim for- your success. We have curated an 8 step process in order to improve your relations with your audience and prospects.



Research & insight


Research, surveys, analysis and other forms of insight gathering

Identification and priritization of desired outcomes

The process of planning content to achieve desired outcome

The act of creating content identified in the content strategy

Sourcing and publishing content originating from other sources

Publishing and marketing your content

Actions that your audience takes with your content

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Catch the audience's attention with a catchy title/head line.
  2. Make sure your content is SEO-friendly so that it shows up in searches.
  3. Conduct in-depth research so that your content is flawless
  4. Write in a unique voice that captivates the reader
  5. Analyse your content's performance based on social media
  6. KPIs and make changes accordingly.

A. Digital content writing refers to writing, editing and publishing in a digital or online format. For example, blog posts, emails, newsletters, ebooks and whitepapers, podcast scripts, press releases and social media ad copy.

A. SEO increases brand visibility, in turn driving more traffic to the business website and social media platforms, thus creating more opportunities for converting prospects into actual customers. B2B as well as B2C businesses can rely on SEO to increase their ROIs.

A. Ghostwriting refers to when a content writer creates content for someone else who is presumed to be the actual writer of that piece. This is especially common in the digital marketing world, especially in social media content creation. One might hire professional content writers to write for their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn social media accounts.

Content Management System Diagram

Reach a wider audience with wiser Content Marketing

Alter Ego’s combination of services and strategies to bring you many steps closer to success is only one click away. You can count on our team of experts to provide turnkey content marketing strategies with solutions for your projects as a superior digital marketing agency in Chennai

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