Rotary News

Brand Story and Our Results- Working wonders with Wordpress

Rotary news, is an old and well known Magazine Publishing body. In 2017, when they wanted to go online and yet maintain their core and style.

After exhaustive data screening, contrasting viewpoints and infinite possibilities, there was consensus that this project had to translate into a comprehensive UI/UX driven website. The technical team decided to segregate the voluminous data into more than 50 categories and tags for easy listing and navigation. Apart from the dynamic content which keeps changing, there were some links with static content to showcase the organization's history, mission, vision and more. We had to strike a balance between easy navigation & cool aesthetics.

A quick run through the existing sites carrying similar information revealed that they neglected the aesthetics and navigational ease factors. Hence, we used WordPress in curating and creating a website that best worked for Rotary news.

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Industry: Magazine and Publication

Service: UI/UX Design